Superhero Litter Pick: 12th September

Want to be a superhero and help save your community? Protect your area from litter and rubbish by joining our litter pick event on Saturday 12th September.

A social distanced clean up will take place at Albert Park, Grecian Street, Broughton at 10am.

Bring your family along and children can dress up as their favourite superhero to save the beautiful park from being over run with litter. Little litter heroes will be given stickers and certificates for their amazing work and creative outfits.

The event will be an exciting chance to encourage members of the community to help stop littering in Salford and a fun way to teach children about how important it is to dispose of rubbish correctly.

Visit our events page for more information about where the litter pick will be and for more information about future events.

Alternatively, follow our social media accounts for more information or message us with any questions.

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