Litter pickers return stolen personal belongings to owner

After inspiring volunteers cleared Queensmare Dam of 48 bags of litter, they shared the image of a suitcase full of personal photographs on their 'Salford Litter Heroes' Facebook to try seek the owner and return the undoubtedly sentimental items.

In just 24 hours the owner of the suitcase was confirmed and collection organised from the next day. It was found out that the suitcase had been stolen weeks before and dumped in the Queensmare Dam waterways. Luckily the Swinton Anglers pulled the suitcase from the water. Refusing to let the suitcase be collected with the rest of the disgusting fly tipping site, the Salford Litter ensured they did all they could to return these possessions. The items are now returned due to the power of social media and the amazing Salfordians.

It wasn't uncommon to find potentially (and confirmed) stolen items in Queensmare Dam area, it seems to be a hotspot to dump unwanted thefts. We found three sets of car reg plates, the suitcase, drug packaging and watches etc. Although not stolen, the amount of condoms, NO2 canisters and beer cans was staggering. We seen people CARRYING their dogs due glass consuming majority of the pathways.

This is NOT acceptable. We won't give up. We will work with the owners of the land to solve the issues: seems to be a problem that cars have access at all hours, attracting certain groups who drink, using laughing gas and get up to sexual activities (what a lovely location to do it ;) NOT). Salford you WILL be restored.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming litter picking events on the Facebook page or to help us transform this location back to a gorgeous dog friendly location. Or use one of the many pick-up locations to grab your own litter picking equipment for FREE and give us a head start.

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