How to save Salford from Litter and fly tipping

There are various ways of reporting litter and fly tipping in Salford and here's a few. First, note down the exact location and the issue. For example, 'at 21 Hedge Fold there is 3 dumped bin bags' or 'there is a council bin overflowing at Buille Hill park entrance'.

If you aren't sure of the exact location Google Maps can be used to locate it or simply state the direction from a known address. For example 'next to the shop on ____road' or 'on the grass hedge next to____'.

Your 1st line of call should be to report directly to the council. You can do this on their website (seen below) or on Twitter by tagging @salfordcchelp.. I prefer Twitter because you can attach a photo if desired and I find the website takes a lot longer to fill in and more difficult to pin an exact address. Allow 10 days for them to respond.

If you feel the issue wasn't resolved or it keeps returning as a long-term issues, you should contact your local Councillors and/or neighbourhood management team to express your concerns. Their details for your Salford area can be found on the links below.

If you have tried all of these and still feel stuck, contact us at Salford Litter Heroes and maybe we can help.

Hopefully we can all have a positive impact on litter and fly tipping in Salford.

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