How our events will work during lockdown

Our Litter picking sessions will still be going ahead but they will be slightly different just to ensure everyone is safe;

- Events will be posted as usual. Not necessarily on the same day but I hope to make them a weekly occurrence. Please do register your interest so I can see how much equipment I will need to prepare

- Equipment will be left unattended, though regularly checked, in a “drop in” station. All the equipment will be provided for you (but we encourage bringing of your own if possible) Simply grab what you need, go out and pick some litter and then return the equipment back to the station. Very simple!

- This means you can come along any time between the hours suggested and pick litter for as long/short as you want. I do ask that you take photos for the group so they can see all of our collective efforts in cleaning up our local community of litter. These can be sent directly to me on Facebook Messenger and I will post them up on the groups page if you wish.

- I will also leave details for where the litter can be dropped off on the event page. These will always be at a public bin so please make sure it is left responsibly. The bags will be collected by the council at the end.

- If for any reasons you need support before or during your time out picking, then please do contact me through Facebook messenger. I am more than happy to help with anything you might need. You can also flag me down if you see me out and about picking during the event too

- Can’t attend the event? No problem! I am happy to provide all the equipment for you to do solo picking. Again, it is simply a matter of messaging me on Facebook/email and I can arrange to drop of the equipment in a covid-19 safe manner

- Finally, please do stay safe. I will be providing links to further litter picking resources soon so you can get a fairly good understand of what to do and expect before the event. Make sure you also follow all government guidance’s when you are outside too, and I encourage you all to take hand sanitiser with you and to wear a mask for extra protection

I hope this makes sense to you all. I feel that volunteering, even with such restrictions in place, is vital for both the community and for our mental and physical wellbeing. We may not be able to meet up and litter pick right now but we can still enjoy a sense of achievement together through our work. Stay safe and please don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything regarding litter/fly tipping

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