An update from our Litter Heroes meeting

Four of the lovely admins for Salford Litter Heroes (who do this voluntary, alongside working btw), met up to discuss their inspiring ideas on how to tackle litter for good in the near future. Here is what we came up with!

Let us know what you think!


· Check if we have already applied to Springboard funding (Salix)

· Network rail template email regarding Gloucester road near the REEL chippy

· Enquire about regular magazine Salford Life awareness

· Chase up Scott about Tesco Salford

· Chase up bin signage

· Template letter for businesses to encourage involvement – threaten reporting procedure, how often we will be checking their land, emphasise they are responsible for their land/ encourage a ‘clean standard’, create a sticker than can display in the window, encourage corporate social responsibility, good publicity, will share with SLH, can encourage more customers. Do we shame?

· Touch up on adopt-a-street – how can we make the admin side of it more efficient?

· Businesses contact template for rewarding Litter Hero of the month

· Try use Hootsuite some more

· Order more hi-vis

· One location for all resources so that anybody could use them


· What will make bag counts more efficient?

· Have a champion for each area?

· Can anybody in each local area hold equipment?

· Video idea of reasons why people litter pick and to debunk myths

· Stencil and chalk paint (perhaps from Aldi)

· Propose a monthly connection with those in power. Ask if there are any meetings already e.g. the previous Street Champions ones. Can share regular issues and prevent being fobbed off. Encourage more to ask questions too.

· Explore faith communities e.g. interlink

· Can SLH be on the council Street Champions page, there is also no indication of where to get litter picking equipment or that it is free on the council website

· Carol with enquire about monthly meet ups (RE email) and about SalfordLife Magazine – can she enquire about potential bus stops signs too as those without (and with) bins are a problem

· Day and night time events e.g. raffles

· Votes for Litter Hero of the month – apply for supermarket donations as prizes

· Is a silent disco litter pick viable

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