A request for help!

There is a major litter and fly tipping problem on Gloucester Street just behind the Reel Chippy (near to Salford precinct). Salford City Council said they would do their best to encourage Network Rail to fence it off and clear the fly tipping…which is added to everyday. However they said the more people that email, the quicker and more confirmed action it will have. please could you contact network rail to add the pressure? I will add the link when I share, sorry it won’t allow me to on here.

here is a template can also attach the image

Your land on Gloucester street Salford is an eye sore due to daily flytipping and is becoming a health hazards for those nearby. We pressure you to block off the land to prevent fly tipping and remove the fly tipping to deter others from doing so. We will continue to pressure you to do so with support from the council. The exact location is: behind 22 Broughton Road M66LS. As this is your land you are responsible for cleaning it. Thanks, a concerned citizen.

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