A call to help!

Please can we pressure Forestry!!!! Constantly cleaning up their land and they do NOTHING. The council have even helped us clean up their land as they won’t. I’ve put a template email below if you wish. Bombarding them with emails will show that we care and won’t give up until they start taking care of their land!!! Email to


I ______ volunteer litter picking within Salford. The past few years/recently I have noticed the lack of action taken on your land within Salford . Continuously volunteers are working towards cleaning your land, but to no avail. Hundreds and hundreds of bags have been collected from your land, with no long-term action in place. For example, even despite almost two years of emails and pleas to protect the wildlife on Queensmere Dam, zero bins are signage was out in place by you, with fly tipping and litter being only enacted upon by volunteers. The council even put a bin n your land as change was being made. I urge you to prioritise long-term solutions to tackling litter and fly tipping on your land. I appreciate Covid has limited the amount of action that can be taken, but there are solutions that could be put in place to make positive change. Please stop relying on volunteers to upkeep the litter/flytipping issue. E.g. the livia trail is horrible and Queensmere Dam is a worry for the aquatic life there. We will not give up until action is taken. We will not do the work for you, it is your land after all. But after all, it is the wildlife and greenspace we care about. Please don’t let us live surrounded by a dump, please give us a clear and defined action. Please go visit the places we continuously report and investigate the causes to find the solutions. And please keep us updated.

please treat this email as a stage 1 complaint

Your sincerely,

A concerned and passionate Salford citizen.

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