A call for help

I know everyone has busy lives with little time for much else, this is my problem. I want to expand the reach of Salford Litter Heroes, but as a full-time Geography teacher I need to be careful I don't burn out. I often spend hours a day just keeping up with the admin side of the group. I need help, not just cleaning up Salford. I need help running the social media AND planning events. If you are passionate about making positive change in Salford and have some sort of social media/online expertise/experience (or want to learn), please do message me. Even if its just a few hours a week to post or respond to things, it really will reduce the work load on me. Salford Litter Heroes is my little baby, but it does take a lot of time online.

It'll look great on any CV and I can give all the required training to meet the role.

Become a Salford Litter Hero and help me spread the word so we can save Salford from litter. Email, text or message me using the details on the website, I'd be happy to hear from you!

I appreciate all the support, funding and advice from everyone so far. Salford Litter Heroes wouldn't be hear today without all the amazing people supporting and helping us. It is not a one man job, it is a whole of Salford job. Please note I do this completely voluntarily, as does everybody else so this would be unpaid.

Dani x

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