5 ways you can help keep Salford litter free during lockdown

Despite people spending more time at home, the amount of litter on the streets of Salford is still a growing concern.

As the nation comes together once again to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, here are 5 ways you can help your community by getting rid of litter in your area.

1) Become a 'Street Champion'

As a 'street champion', you get access to the councils free litter picking equipment supplies. You can then contact your local neighbourhood manager and tell them you need a bag hoop, litter picker and bin bags for your litter pick. This means you can easily go out and conduct a litter pick on your own. You can sign up to be a 'street champion' following this link:

2) Adopt a street

This means you can pick a street and pledge to keep it clean. If just one person adopted one street in Salford, litter would be extinct! You can access equipment by becoming a 'street champion' or you can collect it from us. However, please note we are volunteer with a full time job/studies so resources may take time to get to you.

3) Spend your daily exercise cleaning up your street

Since we can't organise our usual big group events due to the lockdown, you can spend your own daily exercise doing a litter pick walk. Getting out of the house to help improve your community will benefit your mental health during this difficult time. One of the great things about litter picking is that you can do it on your own or easily maintain social distancing. Make sure you put your rubbish bags next to a council street bin. Or if there isn't one nearby, get in contact with the council and tell them them closest address or nearest feature e.g. big bill board.

4) Report fly tipping and other litter issues

If you see any fly tipping or a large amount of litter, you can report it the council on their website ( or via Twitter @salfordcchelp. If you are stuck, contact us and we can help out.

5) Start a conversation about how important litter picking is

Phone up your mum, dad, best friend, aunt etc and encourage them to start litter picking! It will improve the environment and natural surroundings, as well as significantly benefit your mental health by contributing to helping society, getting outside and exercising. Get kids involved in our art competition to spread awareness about the negative of littering. For more information on this, see a previous blog post.

Hope these tips are useful and don't forget to follow up on our social media channels for more litter picking inspiration. Tags us in any litter picks you do so the rest of Salford can see the amazing work you get up to. Together we can beat the litter issue in Salford!

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