Download any resources you may need to tackle litter in Salford from a litter picking guide to poster templates

Event Poster Template

Here's an event poster template, feel free to download if you wish to organise your own litter picking event.

Salford Litter Heroes Constitution

This is the Constitution of our group.


Here is a certificate that can be printed and given to little Litter Heroes for taking part.

How to solve litter and fly tipping

Information on how to report litter and fly tipping and where to gain contact details to report.

Safeguarding Policy

This is our adult and child safeguarding policy.

Contact Details

Our contact details

Litter Picking guide

A Litter Picking guide by Danielle Wright  to help individuals get involved with litter picking and setting up their own community clean up. A lot of the techniques can be transferred to other social action campaigns.

Litter Guide.JPG

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