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Salford 'Adopt a street'

We are encouraging Salford residents and businesses to 'adopt a street' and pledge to keep it litter free.

In return we (with support from Salford City Council) will provide you with: *

  • litter picking resources

  • your adoption listed on the list  (see link below) to the right to share your pledge

  • Businesses who pledge will be shared on our social media too, to highlight responsible business practice 

  • Businesses will also receive a window sticker to display with pride (as seen below)

View our current adopted streets here


Please contact us to make your pledge. Please note we are voluntary so supplying resources depends on our funding and when volunteers can post them out, so please be patient.

If just one person adopted one street in Salford, litter would be extinct!

If you have never litter picked with us before, please read our litter picking guide written by a Salfordian to make sure you are keeping safe whilst battling litter.

More information on how this works below:

Thanks for your interest in Adopt a Street, it really means a lot. If you haven’t already, please let us know the name and street you would like to be added to our ‘adopt a street’ map.

Your name and street will be added to the map ASAP if you have already mentioned/when you mentioned. Please not this may take some time us volunteers all work full-time. If you need any litter picking equipment please first register your interest to become a ‘Street Champion’. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and essentially registers your litter concerns to the council. They do not email or summon you to do anything, but in means you can access the councils free litter picking equipment supplies. Sign up using the link here:

You should then be able to email your local neighbourhood manager depending on where you live and tell them you need a bag hoop, litter picker and bin bags. They can also arrange for bin men to collect full bags of collected litter if you let them know where. The emails can be found on the image attached. If you feel your email is not being fulfilled or you want equipment quicker you can pick up the equipment from one of us. Please appreciate we are all volunteers who work full-time so getting resources to you may take time.

Businesses that wish to adopt a street pledge to:

  • Undertake regular litter picks around the vicinity of the business

  • ​Encourage staff to be vigilant about keeping the premises and vicinity litter free

  • Reduce the business's usage of single use items, such as plastics straws, bags and plastic cutlery, and reduce non-recyclable packaging

Who you email regarding ongoing litter issues (or anything local)

Here are the details you need:

The contact details for above managers follow the format

All we ask is that in return you commit to cleaning the one street you have ‘adopted’, together we WILL make Salford litter free. There is no minimum or maximum requirement and you can withdraw at any point. Thanks for all you do and please do let us know if you have any questions.

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